Custom Engraved Products for Fundraisers

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We know fundraising is hard. Parents are tired of peddling the same old coupon books and sweets, but costs for supplies, uniforms, and trips keep rising. Meanwhile, their friends and neighbors feel pulled in several financial directions. You need a reliable solution that will generate funds while keeping your organization’s name in the spotlight.

Keep Your Organization's Name in Your Customer's Hands

With our custom mugs, glasses, and tumblers, we can help you keep more of your fundraising dollars while turning items around quickly. People who contribute to your fundraiser will not only enjoy the look and quality of the products but feel good about supporting your organization–and a local business–at the same time.

Show Off Your Pride and Support Your Organization

Keep your program thriving. Make your organization stand out. Browse our products and contact us for a sample design today!

Get Started with a Hawkeye Fundraiser!

Fundraisers don't have to be difficult. We have a simple formula that keeps more dollars in your pocket and delivers quality products to your audience. We provide you with all of the resources you need to make this fundraiser your most successful one yet.

Download our guide to fundraising to learn how Hawkeye Laser Works can help your organization get the support you need, no matter what the cause.

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